Attractions In Virginia That You Have To See First

Virginia has a few different state nicknames, and it also has a very rich history. It is quite different from its counterpart, West VA, and the nations’s Capitol isn’t too far away. VA is a very diverse state when it comes to its cities and things to do. As you prepare to explore VA and all of its attractions, think about what you want to do. There are a ton of different cities in VA, but looking at all of the top attractions is a good way to get introduced to the main ones.

From Arlington to Chantilly and from Richmond to Williamsburg, you are going to find all kinds of fun. Let’s start by looking at the top ranked attraction in the entire state. That would be Arlington National Cemetery. Can you imagine standing there, looking out over the cemetery and the thousands of soldier’s graves? Remember to stop by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier while you’re there.

The next top attraction in the entire state is actually the Tomb of the Unknowns, so you get two in one when it comes to historical landmarks and attractions in VA. Arlington and other cities in VA have plenty of other types of things for you to get into as well. How does the Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum sound to you? It seems like it would be a fascinating place.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson’s home is there? Everyone learns about this when they are younger, but it’s whether or not they remember. It’s called Monticello, and you can tour the house off of Thomas Jefferson Parkway and also get souvenirs from the gift shop. It was mentioned how much history there is in the state, and you’ve just been introduced to Thomas Jefferson’s home. Do you know anything about the earlier settlements?

Jamestown was one of the settlements in VA, perhaps the most famous early settlement. You can visit historic Jamestown and much more of Virginia’s early history. You might also want to stop by top attractions like the VA Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of the US Marine Corps.

There is also the US Marine Corps War Memorial. Thomas Jefferson isn’t the only President known for having spent time in VA. You are familiar with Mount Vernon, right? That was George Washington’s home. Start with these top Virginia attractions, and then there are tons more to follow.