Are You Ready to Buy a House in Virginia or Should You Keep Renting?

Many renters dream of the day that they can move into their own home. Unfortunately, this dream has been a disaster for some people, because they bought their home before they were ready. Here are some things that you should consider before buying a new home.

Your Income

You should have an income that is sufficient to cover your home expenses. Remember, owning a home in Virginia is different than paying rent. As a homeowner, you are not only responsible for your mortgage payments, you also have to pay your property taxes and homeowner’s insurance.

In addition, you need to take care of all of the maintenance tasks. You will not have a landlord to call when your sink is clogged, your roof leaks or storm debris breaks your window. You should take this into consideration before buying.

Your Family

Unlike a rental, you can’t move out of your home when it gets too small for your family. When you purchase your home, you must consider your immediate needs as well as your future plans.

If your family is increasing in size, you should ask yourself how many bedrooms might you need in the next five years. This might increase the price of your home. If you can’t afford a large home, you should look for a house that offers the possibility for expansion in the future.

Your Credit

While it is still possible to get a mortgage with an average credit, you’ll end up paying more in the long run. It’s better to try to improve your credit rating before you get your loan.

Some of the things you can do to improve your credit will also help with your monthly budget. This can include paying down your debts, paying off some credit cards, or closing charge accounts.

Your Savings

The more money you have for a down payment, the less you need to borrow. While you’re renting, start saving your money. A large down payment may also qualify you for various mortgages that have a lower interest rate than those available for people with a low- or no-down payment.

While saving for your down payment, you can also learn how to live on a budget and how to cut your expenses. This is a great skill for a new homeowner who may feel the need to do a little work on their new home.


If you want to buy a new home in Virginia, you need to start by assessing your finances to see if you’re ready.